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About Me:


It is based in New York City, New York. Throughout his career, he's worked to help businesses grow by giving them money and being a good leader. Dillon has invested in a lot of small businesses, hoping to help them grow into big businesses in their fields. He can also help you get a loan that fits your needs through his groups.

His knowledge goes beyond investing and trading. It was in 2021 that he opened a very successful restaurant called Olar Noso with two friends who were his best friends when they were younger. The restaurant is in the city of Northvale, New Jersey.

Dillon spends a lot of time volunteering for charities, like the St. Francis Food Pantry, which helps people in need. His foundation will be set up in 2022, and he wants to do that.

He worked as a Financial Volunteer at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, after he graduated from the University of Maryland. He did this for four months, during which time he helped hospital accountants keep track of the money in the hospital. He also helped patients figure out how to pay for things.

Dillon started Blackridge Capital, LLC in 2011. Over the next 10 years, it became a very profitable investment firm. As of today, he is still the Chief Investment Officer for the company. Tautachrome, Inc. and Blackridge Capital, LLC signed a deal in December of 2015 that said Blackridge would buy up to $50 million worth of the company's stock over the next 36 months. Blackridge Capital helps businesses run like a hedge fund that invests in debt, equity, and real estate. 

At MD Global Partners, LLC, Dillon was Vice President – Special Situations from May 2011 to May 2013. He worked there for two years. An advisory service that this company provides is for businesses that want to buy or merge, as well as businesses that want to invest in things like structured debt and public equity.

GenCap Management is an investment company that is based in New York City. It looks for late stage pre-IPO opportunities and long and short investments in global equity long and short. Alexander Dillon has learned a lot of important things through his years of investing and schooling. These skills include financial modeling, private equity, and investing in things like stocks. 

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